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Prices and Booking Information
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     I can brighten up any party with a professional magic show, customized to your needs.  If you would like, I can also provide easy tricks for kids (or adults) to do and amaze their friends.  I will teach each person how to do the trick and amaze others.  Prices start at $0.60 per trick.
    You can also order some magical partyware to set the mood of magic at

     For a birthday party in a home, including a 30-45 minute magic show with live animals and balloon animals for all the kids (approx. 60 min.), I charge a price of $50-$65.
     For a stage act or a large gathering for over 100 people, including a magic act with live animals and music and a 30 - 45 minute audience participation magic show (approx. 60 min.), I charge a price of $100-$135. If the audience is less than 100 people, I charge $75.
     For a stage act for a dinner setting for 50 - 200 people, including a magic act with live animals and music, a 20 minute audience participation magic show, and walk-around table magic (approx. 90 - 120 min.), I charge $125 - $150.
     If the audience is mostly handicapt or show is at a hospital, I will charge $20, regardless of what kind of show it is!

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Booking Information

     Please contact me at least a week in advance to book a date for a show.
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