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The Pimpernell Queen

Effect: a Queen travels magically between the magician's pocket and his hands.  The magician even puts a paperclip on the card, but it still switches!

You need...
3 decks of cards (must be Bicycle decks or all the same brand)
double-stick tape
paper clip

     Take your cards and remove one Joker from two decks.  These Jokers must be EXACTLY alike.  (In the Bicycle decks, the two Jokers in a deck look different.  If in your deck the Jokers are identical, you only need two decks total.)  So far, we should have two of the same Jokers.  Now, take out two Queen of Diamonds from the decks.  Now, pull out another Joker from one of the decks.  Now we should have 3 Jokers and 2 Queens as described above.  Take 2 Jokers and a Queen, and put them aside.  Take the other Joker and the Queen and tape them back to back (don't use regular tape!  You MUST use double-stick tape!).  So, we should have one double-sided card, two Jokers, and a Queen.  Put the normal Queen in your pocket, and you're set!
Regular queen is put in pocket.

Setup of trick. One of the queens is a double sided joker-queen.

1. You should have two jokers in your hand and the double sided card facing queen-side up.
Show cards like this.

2. Tell the spectators to watch the queen.  Square the cards up with the queen on top and turn over the queen and the card under it as one (do a double lift).
After double lift, cards should be in this position.

3. Fan the cards out while manuevering the face-down card to the middle, and ask a spectator to pull the queen out.  They pull out the face-down card, but it is actually a Joker!
The queen has mysteriously changed into a Joker!

4. Say that you actually had an extra Joker at the beginning of the trick, and you switched it with the queen.  Take the double sided Joker out and "switch" it with the queen (secretly turn the card over in your pocket so it looks like you switched the cards).  Repeat steps 1-4, except really switch the "gimmicked" card with the  regular queen.  Now, you're "clean".

5. Put the paper clip on the left side of the queen and show clearly.  
Paper clip on queen.

Take all the cards, with the queen on bottom, and deal the Joker face-down away from you and emphasize this.  Say somthing like "This is the Joker and the Queen and other Joker are in this hand." Then deal the next Joker face-down on top of the other and show them everything.  Do this again.
Deal Joker down then next Joker.

Then deal the Joker down and really emphasize this.  While you're emphasizing this,  hold the Queen and Joker so that the queen is on the bottom and the Joker on top in a fan.  You should be able to see the whole paper clip.  Then, with your fingers, slide the Joker over to the left of the Queen.  The paper clip should now be on the Joker.

Take the Queen (the bottom card) and deal it down, saying it is the Joker.  Take the two cards you just dealt down and put them in your pocket. Then put the card with the paper clip down and let the spectators turn it over!
Again the Queen has turned into a Joker!

     Practice, practice, practice.  Make sure you do not tilt the cards upward.  Practice the moves like it is second nature to you.  Make a patter that works best for you.  You can even change the values of the cards to suit your patter.

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